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Deborah Lynn Adderley RMT

Welcome to my Coping with Covid-19 page


I frequently come across interesting facts, funnies and other things Covid that I think others might also enjoy!   If you have anything you would like to share, just drop me a line! 



Take the BC COVID-19 survey  on Population Experience, Action and Knowledge ll.

Worldometers  I've been watching COVID-19 global statistics. If you're a bit of a stats geek like me, check them out. 

Our World in Data is another cool site I discovered. Lots of stats on a wide array of topics.

Masks work to help reduce the spread. I protect you, you protect me but don't forget not every cough or sneeze is because of COVID-19. There are lots of people with allergies and other respiratory conditions. Please be kind :)

     And speaking of masks (thanks, MM!) you can help by making them at home. As for materials, here is some info on what materials work best.  (It has come to my attention that some vacuum cleaner bags contain fibreglass, so please refrain from using them unless you know for sure they are safe.)

Here is an article from Johns Hopkins Education and Research Centre on the use of home-made masks. An interesting and informative read!

And another article from Johns Hopkins University on Understanding Changing Guidance on mask use.

More on masks and why we should wear them.

New research wearing your own mask reduces your risk by 65%! Check it out!

NEW! ! Even better... a video to prove masks work! ;) (Do not try THIS at home)

BouncebackBC  access to mental health tools on line and over the phone (recommended by Dr Bonnie Henry)

Province of BC Support and Information  COVID-19 resources page including links to financial support and more

Government of Canada Support and Information    COVID-19 resources page including links to financial support


Vancouver Sun  6 April 2020  Coquitlam company retools, will be first in Canada to produce N95 respirators   (Yay Canada! Yay BC!)

Here's an interesting read from the BBC on the effectiveness of UV light to kill Covid-19 



How about this Touchless Massage? Some people are so creative!  LOL

Our PM Speaking Moistly musical video - no matter your political position, it's still pretty funny!

and my absolute favourite... Option "B"- TOO funny!!  (You might have to be on FB to see this one)

Ballad of a Hand - funny, (non)-touching song by Jon Lajoie 

Some Good News :)  John Krasinski shares some positive stories

Mythbusters Contamination Experiment   Funny but gets the point across. Literally! 

Best Demo EVER for washing your hands (and you can brush up on your Spanish at the same time!) The NOW THIS video with Alton Brown that follows is worth watching, too....and who doesn't love Alton Brown? LOL